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Vessconn Maritime helps ship, boat and small vessel owners find highly qualified providers. We expediate and take the hassle out of the vendor selection process, helping reduce risk, cost and ultimately lead time.

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By empowering the maritime industry with integrated, on demand digital solutions within administration and the chain of logistics we aim to optimise and streamline the processes for procurement of Services/Supplier/Training needs.

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We manage a rapidly growing network of providers spanning services, supplies and training. We only invite the best providers to join our network that have a proven track record in delivering services to the maritime industry.

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A reef of recognised and experienced professionals on hand to provide their guidance and expertise.

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Quality assured suppliers wherever you are heading. Convenient and cost-effective

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International community of training facilities and educators providing courses on demand

How it works

We are helping to promote and strengthen the maritime community, through promoting best practices using our secure digital platform called VESCONET. Our cloud-based digital platform is designed to greatly simplify supply and demand, built by the insiders of the maritime industry.


Gain access to a global system which pinpoints suppliers, service providers, and training facilitators in every port - so you will know exactly where you are heading


Collude with a thriving web-based marine environment comprising of high quality, pre-qualified and eligible associates


Eliminate the need for multiple complex steps and unaccounted expenses with end-to-end automation, including payment & analytic analysis.

Benefits What’s in it for me?


The freedom to connect and exchange proposals with verified companies, bypassing alternate channels while simultaneously offering a competitive advantage to all our clients.

Lean Workflow

Our focus is your satisfaction. We aim to deliver this by reducing the cycle time, map value streams, and automate the current analogue process, creating a seamless and easy experience.

Time Saved is Money Earned

network, you can ensure your workload is finished quickly and efficiently without increasing pressure on your resources, allowing you to focus on high-value activities and increase your company’s productivity.


Maintain full control of your bookings, payments, and records through one interactive, secure digital platform, providing you with peace of mind so you can start your day stress-free.

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The Vessconn Maritime newsletter keeps you informed about news, information and current trends within the Maritime industry.

Our newsletter also covers articles focused on:

  • Reducing maritime servicing costs
  • Reducing lead time
  • Reducing risks (planning, security, …)
  • Improving Education & Training

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Stronger together

In this age of technology, staying connected and building strong, industrious relationships with those around us have never been more important, nor has the protection and preservations of our oceans been so crucial. With an emphasis on creating value for all, our digital platform aims to create a network effect allowing for a cost-effective and time-efficient operations. Recognising our oceans are the lifeblood of the marine industry, Vessconn Maritime has pledged support in kind and in deed to the Maritime charities working to preserve the oceans and upholding the seafarers. Make the connection. Make an impact. Join us