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It is all happening on Vesconet

Vesconet works as a digital reef for the marine fraternity. Our goal is to bring our solution providers together to form a network of industry experts, on hand and on demand.

Make it easier for clients to find you and seek profitable opportunities.

Whether you are a supplier to the marine industry, a training and education provider within the sector, or a contributor of marine services, you can now manage and market your business through a straightforward and reliable online platform that connects you to a network of local and global patrons looking for maritime solutions.

Never miss an opportunity.

  • Vesconet simplifies networking within the maritime industry by providing a single digital platform where you can manage the end-to-end work flow
  • Increase your reach and put your solution on the map (literally). Vesconet features a cloud-based GPS mapping system that enables other businesses to find you.
  • Whatever your niche, Vesconet allows you to cut out intermediary channels, and streamline your service, as well as maximise profits and client satisfaction.
  • By maximising efficiency, you can reduce unnecessary costs and build relationships within the industry.
  • Vessconn Maritime recognises our oceans are the lifeblood behind our global industries. It’s time to give back and preserve our marine ecosystems for future generations. We pledge our support maritime charities working to preserve our oceans.
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